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Security Guard Services

The approved contractor of Security Guard services, providing quality security services to many organizations & private companies

Security Guards Services in Delhi & NCR, India

Silver Eye Security is an over 31 years entrenched organization with profoundly experienced authorities in kept an eye on guarding administrations. We give kept an eye on guarding administrations to an entire cross segment of customers from global organizations to inns,corporate houses,habitations,international safe havens, instructive institutions,industrial foundations, worldwide organizations, ATMs and so forth.

We give kept an eye on guarding administrations to an entire cross area of customers from global companies which require an entire group of security experts through to littler family run organizations which just need one individual.

Gatekeepers, who are likewise called security officers, watch and review property to ensure against flame, robbery, vandalism, fear based oppression, and illicit action. Watchmen who work out in the open structures, for example, historical centers or workmanship displays ensure artistic creations and shows by examining individuals and bundles entering and leaving the building. In plants, research facilities, government structures, information preparing focuses, and army installations, security officers ensure data, items, PC codes, and protection insider facts and check the certifications of individuals and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

Gatekeepers working at colleges, stops, and sports stadiums perform swarm control regulate stopping and seating and direct movement.Security monitors positioned at the passageway to bars and places of grown-up amusement for example clubs,anticipate access by minors,gather fee at the door at the entryway, keep up request among clients, and ensure property and benefactors.

Our All Manned Guards

  • Height : 5'.7' and above.
  • Eye Sight : 6X6
  • Physique : Robust physique
  • Education : Matriculate able to read and write in English and Hindi
  • Age Limit : 21 to 40 Years
  • Experience 2 to 3 years

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